That’s why we’re here – to bring you back the memories that often are remembered best – when enjoying … See our selection, and have it delivered to your door in 2 – 4 days worldwide!

Norwegian cheese

Norwegian brown cheese is world famous for it’s destinct flavour. Sweet taste of Norway!

Chocolate / Candy

We have happy cows! Maybe that’s what gives our chocolate that happy delicious taste? Anyway it’s a must have, when having a norwegian shopping spree.

Vitamins / Supplements

It’s a long tradition to drink tran in Norway. We have a lot of different supplements to offer – to ensure you keep at your best all day. See our selection


You may know our heart shaped waffles – and their just heavenly! Buy yours today, and don’t forget the jam!

Chips / Snacks

It’s important to take a load off and relax. With some good Norwegian snacks you got it covered! Well known for good flavour, and high quality it’s a buy you can’t resist.

Canned food

Delicious norwegian smoked cod roe, mayonnaise, lapskaus or spaghetti ala capri. Your taste will decide – but please don’t forget about the fishballs.