Toro Bali Chicken Pot Dinner with pineapple and apple ( Bali Kylling gryte) 71 grams



TORO Bali Chicken Pot Dinner is an oriental inspired dinner that can be added to any type of white meat.

Fillet of chicken or pork makes it especially good. to make it your own, add some cream and grated ginger.

Serve with rice, pasta or bread.


Ingredients :

Onion, paprika, starch, apple 11%, pineapple 9%, sugar, salt, curry 4%,

modified starch, protein extract of soy, wheat flour,

oil (sunflower, rapeseed), aroma, yeast extract, acid, (citric acid),

lemon, glucose syrup, parsley, pepper, garlic, mustard seeds, fenugreek.

Allergists can respond to: Soy, wheat flour, mustard seeds


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