Tine Sjokomelk chocolate milk 250 ml



ingredientsLight milk, 4% sugar, 1% cocoa, stabilizer (carrageenan), aroma
Allergists can respond to: light milk
allergens Contains milk.


Nutritional content per 100g / ml
Energy251 kJ / 59 kcal
Fat1.20 g
– saturated fatty acids0.80 g
carbohydrates8.80 g
– sugars8.60 g
protein3.30 g
Salt0.10 g

TINE Sjokomelk was launched in 1966 and has retained the same good, soft and round chocolate flavor because the Norwegian people simply love it as it is!

The chocolate milk is ready mixed and ready for use. Sjokomelk is good hot as cold. On cold winter days, enjoy hot Sjokomelk with a little whipped cream or ice cream on top.



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