Solo soda 0,5 Liter



Solo is perhaps the most famous brand. Solo was established way back in 1934, and has been a permanent companion through many Norwegians childhood and adolescence – and it yet. The recipe for Solo is originally from Spain; Solos “father”, Torleif Gulliksrud, took the recipe of Tonsberg, and not long after was the refreshing orange drink available in stores. Solo quickly became the country’s most popular beverage, and until the 60’s was the bigger than Coca-Cola in Norway. Solo is currently owned by 4 valor: Ringnes as, Aass Brewery, Mack’s Brewery and Oskar Sylte mineral factory. We believe that Solo is not only Norway’s best soda Solo is the best soda. Therefore we have decided to give the world a taste, so people get to know that the best soda is Norwegian, and called Solo.

ingredients Water, sugar, 8% orange juice from concentrate, carbon dioxide, acid (citric acid), natural orange flavor, preservative (sodium benzoate), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), stabilizer (guar), color (beta carotene, E160)


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