Potatosticks 225 gram (Potetsticks)



Thin slices of potatoes. A classic for many Norwegians!

ingredientsPotatoes 61%, sunflower oil 33% and spice mixture 6%: salt, maltodextrin (corn / potato), coconut oil, cheese powder, milk powder, whey powder, yeast extract, flavor enhancer (sodium glutamate), onion powder, spices (paprika), dye
Allergists can respond to: cheese powder, milk powder, whey powder
allergensContains milk.


Nutritional content per100g / ml
Energy2234 kJ / 533 kcal
Fat33 g
– saturated fatty acids2.50 g
carbohydrates52 g
– sugars1 g
dietary Fiber5.50 g
protein5 g
Salt1.80 g


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