Piano Caramel Pudding (karamellpudding) 500grams


Yummy caramel pudding!

Storage Can be stored unopened at room temperature. After opening durable about 1 week at 0 ° C – 4 ° C. Packing 1/2 liter, cardboard

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whole milk, 10% sugar, whipped cream, modified corn starch, stabilizer (carrageenan, carob flour, guar kernel meal) aroma,

dye (caramel, carotenes) allergens Contains milk or products made from milk

Nutritional content per. 100g

energy 528 kJ (126 kcal)

fat 5.8 g -which

saturated fatty acids are 3.7 g

carbohydrate 16 g

-which sugars 14 g

protein 2.8 g

salt 0.14 g

vitamin B12 0.4 µg (16%) ‘of the reference value



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