Nugatti sweet, salt & crisp spread 375 gram (søtt, salt & sprøtt)



ingredients Sugar, sunflower oil, corn kernels 9% (corn flour, sunflower oil, starch, salt, herbicide (sodium bicarbonate)), milk powder, cocoa powder 5%, stabilizer (soy lecithin, E471), aroma.
Allergists can respond to: milk powder, soya lecithin
allergens  Contains soybeans, milk.
Can contain traces of nuts.
Origin Norway
Nutritional content per. 100g / ml
Energy 2269 kJ / 543 kcal
Fat 32 g
– saturated fatty acids 5.90 g
carbohydrates 57 g
– sugars 53 g
protein 5.50 g
Salt 0.58 g


Nugatti Original is made from cocoa, milk and hazelnuts; Which gives the good unique Nugatti flavor. Nugatti has been on the market since 1969 and is a Norwegian classic for many generations.

Now in crisp with delicious taste of milk chocolate, with salty and crispy pieces of corn kernels.



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