Nidar Gullbrød chocolate covered marzipan 65 gram



ingredientsAlmonds (55% in marzipan), sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, glucose syrup, invert sugar, milk powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin), preservative (E202), humectant (invertase) and natural vanilla extract
Allergy may react to: Almonds, dried milk, soy lecithin
allergensContains soybeans, milk, nuts.


Nutritional information per.100g / ml
Energy1970 kJ / 471 kcal
Fat28 g
– saturated fatty acids7 g
carbohydrates45 g
– Sugars41 g
protein9.50 g
Salt0.02 g

Marzipan chocolate Gullbrød is marzipan coated with dark chocolate. Gullbrød has been loved by Norwegian consumers since 1915. Those who eat Gullbrød are very loyal to the chocolate and describes it as a faithful, open, honest and quality conscious friend who knows how to take care of traditions. Maybe that’s why many people choose this chocolate when they give themselves a reward?

From the first moment Gullbrød was an exclusive chocolate based on precious ingredients. Gullbrød consists of dark chocolate over a coarse marzipan and with a almond content of 55%. Marzipan in Gullbrød is made of selected almonds from California, which is added 3% Spanish bitter almond to get the characteristic flavor. Gullbrød is added as little sugar as possible.

Cocoa and almonds are both ingredients that have positive health effects. Cocoa due to its rich in antioxidants, and almonds because of the healthy fatty acids, proteins and essential minerals.


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