Matlyst Pinnekjøtt salted / non-smoked cured lamb (Priced pr. kg)


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Pinnekjøtt from the local manufacturer Matlyst from Bergen in Hordaland. Non-smoked pinnekjøtt.

Price pr. kilo 459,- Add the amount of kilos you need to your cart – The normal estimated amount pinnekjøtt pr. person is 400 grams.

Note: Packages of pinnekjøtt cirka 1,5 kilos in size – Buyer can ask for a specific weight or one will be picked out – and we will refund the amount that is overpaid within 48 hours after shipping. Example: You need 3 kilo – We will find packages fit your need in the best possible way – in example 2.9 kilo – and refund you for the last 100 grams. Please ask us if you need more information.

MINIMUM ORDER IS 2 KGS – You will recieve 1.5 kgs – This is because the packages are cirka 1.5 kilos in weight. Order the amount of kilos you wish – keep in mind that you are ordering 1.5 kilo packets – and we can only deliver in the following scale: 1,5kg, 3kg, 4,5kg, 6kg … and so on!


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