Freia M Toffin toffee bites 90 grams




ingredientsSucculent condensed skim milk, sugar, glucose syrup, palm oil, dry milk, cocoa butter *, cocoa paste *, surface treatment agents (gum arabic, maltodextrin), emulsifiers (soya lecithin, solsicle citrine), salt, aroma, coloring matter (caramel).
Allergists can respond to: milk, dry milk, soya lecithin
allergens Contains soybeans, milk.
May contain traces of gluten, peanuts, nuts.
Nutritional content per. 100g / ml
Energy1945 kJ / 465 kcal
Fat18.50 g
– saturated fatty acids10.50 g
carbohydrates68.50 g
– sugars53.50 g
dietary Fiber0.60 g
protein5.40 g
Salt0.35 g

Freia M Toffin has soft toffee cores covered in gorgeous Freia Milk chocolate. Just so soft and very delicious to chew on.


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