Axa Fruit cereal 700 grams (Frukt Müsli)



ingredientsOatmeal, dried fruit bites 25% (raisins, pineapple, sugar, banana, coconut oil, antioxidant (citric acid), aroma), wheat flour, oatmeal, sugar, salt builder malt extract.Brans
Allergists can respond to: oatmeal, wheat flour, oatmeal, whole grain
allergensContains gluten.
Can contain traces of nuts.
Nutritional content per.100g / ml
Energy1500 kJ / 350 kcal
Fat5.20 g
– saturated fatty acids2 g
– unsaturated fatty acids1.30 g
– polyunsaturated fatty acids1.50 g
carbohydrates63 g
– sugars16 g
dietary Fiber8.90 g
protein9.80 g
Salt0.50 g

No matter whether you are going to eat a short, long, big or small lunch. We at AXA think you should make great demands on what you eat as the first meal of the day. That is why AXA has made Fruit Muesli – an additional tasty and healthy mixture of oats, wheat flour and extra much fruit.


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